Bocop Energy Limited as an indigenous petroleum products service company in Nigeria has established itself as a major company in the oil and gas industry, with extensive experience in oilfield services. Bocop Energy Limited was incorporated in Nigeria in 2016 and has become one of the largest providers of petroleum product and services. Our fleet serves the global oil, gas and renewable energy industries managed from our operational and marketing office in Lagos.
We have become a safe haven in the downstream and upstream sector, delivering value based services, excellent customer experience as we provide top quality petroleum products at the most reasonable prices. In response to rising challenges in the oil and gas sector, we are established to meet your needs through our team of highly skilled professionals, providing energy with comfort.

Haven successfully operated in the Downstream Sector, we have subsequently and successfully also moved into the Upstream sector and have recorded successful registrations with a number of IOCs and relevant government regulatory bodies. To this regard the IOCs includes Total Upstream Companies in Nigeria (TUCN), Exxon Mobil, Shell Nigeria (in progress). We have successfully gotten our relevant operations codes for both Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and Nigerian Petroleum Exchange (Nipex), and we are also a registered company with the Nigerian Maritime administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA). We are working worldwide, with our assets capable of serving clients’ requirements all over the world, to provide the finest products available as full guarantee for customer satisfaction.

We work to provide various solutions to customers needs in terms of home and industrial delivery products

Our Team

Meet The Team

Amanda Seyfried

Head of Innovation

Ethan Thomas

Customer Relations

Donald Simpson

Head of Operations

Jeff Green

Managing Director